Mio Kisaca   Photographic Artist

The theme of my photographic works is “unintentional.” 

My aim is to distill the essence of the ordinary.

My grandmother was a Noh dance artist; thus, I grew up learning and performing Noh play. This has greatly influenced me in the framing of my photos, which are inadvertently in the context of a Noh stage.

1980     Born in Tokyo, Japan

2003     Graduated from the Tokyo International University (B. Ed.). Studied Special Needs Education (specialized in Autism).

2004-05  Appeared on the TOKYO FM radio program, “NEC ON THE ROAD AGAIN: 101 Treasures.” Hired by the radio station, travelled across the US in three months as a young photographer.

2006     Studied under the photographer Jacques De Melo for three months, NYC.

2006     Photos and article were published in Ten magazine, IDG Japan.

2019     Awarded the Fine Arts Prize, 30th Goto Memorial Cultural Award, The Goto Memorial Foundation. Received grant from the Foundation to study and travel in New Zealand and Australia.


2021   Solo: Photography Exhibition: Mio Kisaca, Gallery Camellia, Gallery Nayuta ,Tokyo.  

2021  Toshiharu Sasaki Photo Exhibition :Kaden, Gallery Camellia, Gallery Nayuta, Tokyo

2020   Utsusu, second.2, Tokyo  

2018   face to face #15: Kontrapunkt, Gallery Camellia, Tokyo.

2017  Byakugun, Gallery Camellia, Tokyo.

2014  Solo: Photography Exhibition: Mio Kisaca, Gallery Camellia, Tokyo.

2012  KIMCOLLE Vol.1, LOOP HOLE, Tokyo.

2007  From Fine Art to Interior Design, MOTT gallery, Tokyo.

2004 GEISAI #6, Tokyo Big Sight, East Hall, Tokyo.

2003  GEISAI MUSEUM, Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower 24F, Special Event Hall, Tokyo.

My beginnings

2003 – I was on the Yamanote train wearing my ring made from a computer keyboard “enter” button – a birthday present from my geeky boyfriend (now my husband). It caught a woman’s eye and she complimented me. It made me feel so good that I decided to give it to her. She happened to be Aika Nanao, a DJ for Tokyo FM. She was equally touched and told the story on the radio the next day.

I reciprocated further, sharing with her my photography taken during my graduation trip to New York. The connection between us kept growing, and the next thing you know, my photography was exhibited at the opening of Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, together with the great Takashi Murakami’s work “Geisai”.

At this point I felt that I could truly define myself as a photographer. I was then offered a photo assignment by the producer of Tokyo FM, with full creative freedom, to take photographs around the US for 3 months.

2004 – I was asked to travel the US for 3 months as a photographer for Tokyo FM to create a radio program titled, “101 Treasures”. Over three months I interviewed a total of 100 people about their one true treasure. Every week I hosted a nationally broadcast radio program reporting my findings. Upon my return to Japan, I held an exhibition at Geisai Art Fair, Tokyo Big Site with the photos and stories from my trip. The 100 interviews and the exhibition became my own treasure.

2006 – I studied under Jacques De Melo, a French photographer residing in New York. I also wrote an essay and published photos in the debut edition of Japanese magazine “Ten”.

Upon returning to Japan in 2006, my father unfortunately fell terminally ill. Soon after, so did my mother.

2008 – By chance I met Taeko Nanpei, the owner of Gallery APS in Ginza, Tokyo, through my father’s caretaker.

April, 2014 – I was finally able to hold my exhibition at the Gallery Camellia in Ginza, with the help of Taeko.

2019 – I received the Gotoh Cultural Award for Fine Arts.

Gallery Camellia
502 Okuno Building,
1-9-8,  Ginza Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 104-0061